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At Ice River, our refreshing, Natural Spring Water is making a global impact.

Sustainable Practices

One bottle at a time, we are leading the way in our efforts to keep plastic out of our precious oceans, lakes and streams. We are redefining the bottled water industry and are dedicated to promoting our perfect partnership between healthy hydration and sustainability.

Our company values and practices help to encourage consumers to make informed decisions, knowing their purchases are working toward globally environmentally sustainable initiatives. Simply put, we collect recycled plastic material and instead of going to waste, we turn it into new, 100% recycled bottles, again and again.


Water for Water

Every purchase made, together with our charity partner Water for Water, helps to build wells in Kenya. With additional projects in Mongolia and the Philippines, Water for Water works to provide practical and financial assistance to communities around the world who lack access to the clean water and sanitation that we often take for granted. They partner with local organizations, to work on long-term sustainable water projects. This work positively impacts individuals, families, and communities. We're proud to support an organization that is serious about responsible water management and will continue to protect precious water sources for future generations. Buy a bottle, give clean water.


Fishing The Flats Fins and Skins

Master Angler Henry Waszczuk knows water better than your average fisherman. He explores some of the most dynamic saltwater fish that can be caught on rod and reel. As a sponsor of Fishing the Flats, and Fins & Skins, we understand that water appreciation goes beyond what you can find in our green plastic water bottles. Henry spends most of his time in the same environment as the fish he showcases on TV, and can attest to the importance of water preservation. Sustainable practices are the only way to ensure we can all keep "living the outdoor lifestyle".


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Hydration & Sustainability

We believe in sustainability which is why we have our own plastic recycling facility to ensure our plastic does not go into the environment. Instead, it goes back into our bottles, again and again.

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Discover Our Story

We take great pride in being the first beverage company in North America to collect blue box materials to produce our 100% recycled plastic bottles, USING NO NEW PLASTIC.

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Our Ethical Partnerships

We build relationships with our customers, suppliers, and communities to achieve mutual success, effect change and keep us all growing.


Ice River has locations across North America