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Our Partners in sustainability, along with our commitment to the environment, keep us all growing. We build relationships with our consumers, suppliers, and communities to create meaningful change and achieve mutual success.

C.R. Plastics

What started out as a compassionate goal for saving the environment has evolved into the pursuit for innovation and design in recycled outdoor furniture. Made from up to 100% recycled plastic that would have been destined for a landfill or ocean, our furniture will never mold, rot, splint, or crack, and can withstand all weather conditions. Each piece of premium recycled plastic lumber has an added automotive-grade UV stabilizer and is guaranteed to maintain its beautiful colour for years, without the need for staining or painting.

CR Plastics is always focused on maintaining a synergy between the environment and outdoor furniture, with our core focus on developing new and innovative ways to create sustainable, eco-friendly, beautiful outdoor furniture.


Osprey Organics

We have a passion for making products that are good for people and good for the earth.

The reason we started our farming operation was to protect our natural spring water sources and steer clear of agricultural chemicals. Now we run a Pro-Cert, fully organic farm.

We believe in respecting the land and harvesting the goodness from it without using chemicals. GMOs are out and natural crops are in, to keep your table as healthy as possible.


Blue Mountain Plastics

Blue Mountain Plastics is a state-of-the-art plastics recycling facility, and we're proud to call them partners in our Ice River family. Here we buy mixed plastic bales and other forms of unrefined plastic (see images below) from municipal recycling programs and businesses. We process them, sorting the materials into different types and colours of plastic. Pellets are produced from the food grade plastic which can then be used to make new food containers, including our 100% recycled blue and green bottles.


At Ice River, our refreshing, Natural Spring Water is making a global impact.

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Sustainable Practices

One bottle at a time, we are leading the way in our efforts to keep plastic out of our precious oceans, lakes and streams.

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Water for Water

With every purchase made, together with our charity partner Water for Water, helps to build wells in Kenya.


Green For A Greater Purpose

Our pure, natural spring water is making an impact, one bottle at a time. Join us in protecting our earth for future generations.