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for people and good for the earth.

Our water quality reports

The water in our sources and in our finished products is tested annually by independent laboratories for over 250 parameters including pesticides, radiological contaminants, nitrates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to name a few. In addition, we have our own in-house laboratory in each facility that tests the water for various bacteria, pH, conductivity and total dissolved solids levels.

In order to check the composition of a particular product look at the product label to see the water type and water source. You will find a corresponding report below.

Here is how to read the reports:

The column on the right shows the levels of compounds found. The column on the left labeled MCL shows the maximum contaminant levels permitted by the regulatory authority. The middle column labeled RL shows the laboratory reporting level limit, which is the sensitivity of the tests. If the levels of compounds found are less than this amount they are marked as ND for “none detected”. Some compounds can be thought of as “good” – like CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) that is a nutrient mineral that is good for teeth and bones. Others, such as lead, should be avoided. The tests are designed to be sensitive to these compounds and the results show the amounts in Ice River Springs’ water sources are “ND”.



You’ll find us near sources of pristine spring water.